BBQ’d Peaches

Barbequed peaches sounds strange, I know, but they are actually delicious & a wonderfully easy summer dessert!  We first had them at my friend Vanessa’s house & both Colin & I thought they were fantastic.  Until that point I had never really thought about barbequing peaches but knew it was something I would definitely like to try.

Peach season was in full swing the first time I made barbequed peaches.  I say “I” but I really should say “we”.  I got them ready & Colin did the barbequing (we are a good team that way).  I knew roughly how to make them as I had watched Vanessa do it but I still looked up a few recipes just to be sure.  I came across one by the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond (, which gave me inspiration.  I didn’t really follow her recipe, just used one key ingredient, maple syrup.  We were making these peaches for my in-laws & both my husband & my mother-in-law love ANYTHING maple so I knew peaches with maple syrup would be a hit.

If you’re wanting to try this at home, it’s probably one of the quickest, easiest desserts you can make that still tastes amazing.  There is very little prep time & the ingredient list is small.  All you need is the following:


Maple Syrup

Vanilla Ice Cream

First take your peaches & wash them well.

DSC_1390Next take each peach, cut in half & remove the pits.  Removing the pits can seem kind of tricky but all I did was run my knife around the pit & it popped out quite easily.

DSC_1398Once the peaches are halved, brush the tops with maple syrup.  You don’t need a lot, just coat lightly.  The syrup will pool slightly in the middle of the peaches.

DSC_1401I did all of this prep work before dinner & let the peaches sit & syrup soak in while we were eating.  Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of the actual barbequing of the peaches since it was dark (& I think I was doing dishes!).  BBQ the peaches on medium for 10 minutes or so, just until heated through with nice grill marks.

DSC_1403Now get out the ice cream & get ready to dish up your dessert.

DSC_1404Two scoops of ice cream, two peach halves & voila!!  BBQ’d Peaches….

DSC_1407Easy & delicious. Warm peaches, a hint of maple syrup, cool vanilla ice cream… are you hungry yet?  My husband has actually said that this is his new favourite dessert!

V Family Photos

By no means do I profess to be a professional photographer…. far from it actually.  But I do love taking photos.  Nature, city scapes & people, especially people.  I like getting the really good shot & I’d like to think I get this shot fairly often.  A few years ago I did some family photos for my brother & his family.  This summer, I did them for our good friends, the “V” family.  Jay is one of Colin’s best friends, so much so that they might as well be brothers.  The stories I’ve heard of things they’ve gotten up to…. well, those stories are probably better left untold.  Since Colin & I have been married, I’ve come to know Kelly, Jay’s wife well & she has become one of my closest friends.  To us, the V’s are family.  Jay & Kelly’s children, Eric & Emily, call us Aunt Brandey & Uncle Colin & we love this.  Despite not thinking so, their family is quite photogenic & it was far easier to capture good family photos than they thought it would be.

DSC_1087DSC_1099  DSC_1119DSC_1102DSC_1164DSC_1147DSC_1071DSC_1136DSC_1124DSC_1190DSC_1205As with most photo shoots, you can’t get all the good photos without a few funny ones in the process.

DSC_1111DSC_1113DSC_1116DSC_1191DSC_1183This last one is perhaps one of my favourites…. of all the photos I took of the V’s.  This is how Eric smiles all the time when you ask him to smile.  For something fun, I told them all to smile like Eric & this is what we got!  I love it!  I look forward to taking more photos of their family in the future.