Hidden Gems: Nephews & Niece, Campfires & Trampoline…

I love to take photos & lots of them as anyone who knows me can attest to.  But it seems that although I am good at taking lots of photos, I have been terrible at sharing them!  Even my own family hasn’t seen many of my photos & they are in most of them!DSC_0358I’ve taken some really good ones recently, especially of our niece & nephews & what good are they if they just stay hidden away on my computer??

DSC_0315Take this photo of our youngest nephew Mr. Blake… could he get any cuter?  He is just so smiley all the time… he has the best smile & the best laugh. There is nothing better than his baby giggles! (Can you tell I am a proud Auntie?)

DSC_0333While I love that Grandpa is making him laugh, I also love how he’s got his eyes on Auntie B taking his photo!  Although his sister tries to tell him, he doesn’t yet think of Auntie B as the paparazzi…


DSC_0323Look Auntie B, I picked a chive for you!DSC_0349Lily is funny about taking photos…. sometimes she doesn’t want to be very cooperative & gets right in my face (as with the chive photo) but sometimes she is the best & without me even asking her!  She stopped to smell the flowers all by herself!DSC_0366For a four year old she takes pretty decent photos too.  I am sure I was not half as good when I was 4.  I have a feeling my parents never even let me touch the camera when I was her age…. actually, I’m pretty sure this is true…. I saw my Dad cringe just a little when I so trustingly handed Lily my camera.  But she took a decent picture of Auntie B (which is hard to do)!DSC_0371Although I really like taking photos of nature & animals in our yard, I love taking photos of people (especially the kids)… you just never know what you might capture.DSC_0543No, Jude is not possessed…. just really enjoying eating his ribs…. & perhaps hamming it up for the camera a little bit.  He ate more ribs than even Uncle Colin (I think) & sure showed us how to eat ribs.DSC_0546He demonstrates perfectly why I am not a big fan of ribs…. they are so darn messy!DSC_0540One of the things that our nephews (& Lily) like to do when visiting Auntie B & Uncle C’s house is to have a fire.  It is a good thing that Uncle Colin likes to burn things.  When they know a fire is a possibility, the boys are relentless at bugging Uncle Colin to start it…the weather was rather questionable the day we last had a fire with them.  It was a little windy so we weren’t even sure if we would be able to have a fire…. but Colin doesn’t like to disappoint, so he lit one for the boys…. DSC_0554It was still pretty windy… & the photos make it look like the fire was WAY more out of control than it actually was.DSC_0555DSC_0559DSC_0565And of course, if you’re going to have a fire, you’ve got to work for it!  The boys love going to the wood pile & picking out the logs they are going to burn.

DSC_0577DSC_0578Sometimes it is good to have fires in your pajamas too…. but you still have to do the work!

DSC_0692In December when we had the kids here to get our Christmas tree, Lily found a Y stick out by the fire pit… & Uncle Colin has saved that Y stick for Miss Lily ever since. DSC_0689 He leaves it in the tree stump where she planted it & it’s a constant reminder of her in our backyard.  She got reacquainted with her Y stick the last time she visited.  Here she was telling us something very important about the Y stick!DSC_0686We often feel that when the kids come to visit we don’t have that many fun things for them to do outside (especially when compared to the things they see in our neighbours yards)… so we decided to buy a trampoline…. a big one! DSC_0601 While the boys have not jumped on it too much yet, Lily has made VERY good use of it.  Pancakes, it seems, are very good trampoline fuel, for those of you who are wondering. DSC_0600 One morning while we were jumping on the trampoline Lily said to me “Auntie B, I had pancakes for breakfast & they just make me sooooo jumpy!!”  Where she comes up with this stuff, I haven’t a clue but I thought it was hilarious!DSC_0621DSC_0619DSC_0631We discovered that the trampoline creates lots of static & not only did we get shocked like crazy but we also had stick up hair!  DSC_0614Blake didn’t want to be left out & got some crawling in as long as no one else was jumping around too much.DSC_0607Uncle C was really good a bouncing Lily around…. but jumping gave him hiccups!DSC_0637Mommy, Daddy & Blake were the cheering section while Auntie B, Uncle C & Lily bounced around!DSC_0634DSC_0665We have long known that Lily has a memory like an elephant but she really proved it recently.  Last fall she heard me talking on the phone to Uncle C about Luke & Jude shooting walnuts in our backyard with the big slingshot. DSC_0329 Well, ever since then, every time she saw us she reminded us that the next time she came she wanted to do walnut shooters!  May is not exactly walnut season…. so we had to come up with something else to shoot… water balloons!!  We told her we were “watering” the farmers field behind our house & she loved it!DSC_0642 So did her Daddy as you can see from the smile on his face…. one is never too old to shoot water balloons!DSC_0652This post I think, really gives you a sense of why I called my blog “BS… ramblings about food, photography & life….” this is just me rambling about my life & throwing in some photos!  And next time, I will ramble about food…

The View From My Window….

When I first started this post I had it titled “Sure Signs That Spring Has Arrived” but now, after having multiple days of 30 degree weather, this title just doesn’t seem appropriate anymore!  I should have called it sure signs summer has arrived when it is only June 1st!  I am not complaining, however, as I love the heat & humidity.  I know not everyone shares my feelings on this but that’s alright…. I guess that is why air conditioning was invented.

Earlier in May we had some new neighbours move in… robin’s are always trying to build nests all over our yard.  Usually Colin pulls them down because the nests are in the worst spots, like behind our porch lights.  This year the robin was crafty & built her nest on our hose reel… right in front of the vent from the dryer (I guess the cool weather early on made her want to find a warm place for the nest).  She had the nest built & eggs laid before we hardly knew it was there!  The hose reel is located right outside our backdoor & for the next few weeks, every time we went out the door, the robin was sitting on her nest looking at us.  Sometimes, she would fly away as we opened the door & usually scare the crap out of us!

DSC_0394DSC_0392DSC_0400DSC_0507DSC_0509DSC_0537-2 Apart from the robins (who have now all flown the nest) I absolutely love our yard this time of year for all the wonderful things that are blooming….

DSC_0398DSC_0442DSC_0446DSC_0456DSC_0533DSC_0467DSC_0471DSC_0472DSC_0486DSC_0483It is amazing how quickly a yard can change… from the dull & dreary browns of winter to the vibrant colours of spring!  Stay tuned for more more views outside my window as spring turns into summer.