Homemade Waffles

I love breakfast.  It is one of my favourite meals of the day…. I love it so much that I often make breakfast for dinner when it is just me at home.  I don’t make breakfast for dinner that often when Honey is home… I am more motivated to cook for two people than for one… but when it’s just me, there is nothing better (or quicker) than whipping up an omelet, adding a salad & voila, breakfast….er, dinner!

Growing up, weekend breakfasts were always something to look forward to.  Pancakes, waffles, omelets, French toast, eggs sunny side up, soft boiled eggs with toast fingers (this was a favourite at our grandparents) & as we got older eggs Benedict also grew on us.  We even cooked breakfast like this while we were camping… maybe not waffles, but definitely pancakes… pancakes the size of a frying pan, usually with fresh blueberries that we had picked somewhere near the campground… mmmm… I making myself smile (at the memories) & hungry at the same time!

My Dad used to be the omelet guy… getting out the griddle & making a whole batch of omelets at once.  Now, I  say he used to be as I haven’t seen him make omelets of this kind for a few years… but, come to think of it, I think my youngest brother has picked up the torch… making a big batch of omelets like this at my house just last year!  Nellie was & still is the main breakfast maker in the house though, a trait I suppose I have picked up on as well.  It was Nellie who thought me how to make pancakes & waffles from scratch… & really, once you’ve had them made from scratch there is no going back to Aunt Jemima or frozen toaster waffles!

Breakfast in our house now is always a combined effort.  Colin & I work well as a team in the kitchen, whether we are making breakfast or anything else.  I have always found cooking to be relaxing & it is even more enjoyable cooking with my husband.  When it comes to breakfast Colin is the bacon cooker (or sausages or whatever it is we might be having).  He has much more patience for cooking bacon then I do (which is really quite funny because he usually has no patience at all)…. or it seems that way.  I think I never seem to have as much success with bacon as I am also trying to make eggs, toast & possibly potatoes at the same time.  Whereas when he cooks bacon he has only the bacon to focus on.  Having said that, you probably guessed that I am in charge of the eggs, toast & sometimes potatoes.  It is a good system that works well for us.

I don’t make pancakes & waffles all the time… they are better when cooking breakfast for a group as the recipes make a lot.  Pancakes & waffles are also fun to make with little ones… I have often made one or the other when we’ve had the kids over, letting them help stir the ingredients.  Miss Lily, in fact, loves to help Auntie B make pancakes.

Waffles, I think require even less effort than pancakes.  You mix up the batter, pour it into the waffle maker & then wait… there is not even any guessing if the waffles are done, at least not for me.

My waffle maker makes a little beeping noise every time a waffle is ready.  At first (& most times) I found the beeping annoying…. but it does come in handy.  I usually get a few waffles ready & then we sit down to eat.  I continue to make the waffles while we are eating & if it weren’t for the little beeper I would have probably burned hundreds of waffles by now!   But enough rambling… time for the recipe.  I don’t even know where this came from originally, it’s just the one my family has used for years.  I use a Belgian waffle maker but the recipe works for regular waffle makers as well.   I usually make a double batch & freeze the leftovers…

Basic Waffles

2 eggs

1/4 cup vegetable oil

1 1/2 cups milk

1 1/2 cups flour

2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

Mix all ingredients together (I usually mix the dry ingredients in one bowl & the wet in another before combining) & place on preheated waffle iron.  If your waffle maker doesn’t have a handy beeper like mine, the waffles are ready when they turn a nice golden colour & are crispy on the outside.  Top with fruit & maple syrup!  Enjoy!

Makes 6 Waffles

Spring Has Sprung… Almost!

The first official day of spring is Tuesday…. but we have been experiencing spring like weather for close to a month now.  Or should I say that we’ve been experiencing spring like weather for most of the winter.  Winter… what is that?  Last year we had a terrible winter… the snow & the cold started in early November & carried on right through till the end of March.  There had not been that much snow in our area for years.

Fast forward a year to this winter… the winter that wasn’t.  I think it might have snowed about twice…. once at the end of January… even then, I bet we only got about 4 inches or so.  There might have been another dusting of snow in there somewhere along the way, but nothing that memorable!  And cold temperatures?  We haven’t had any… not really.  We had maybe a week of below freezing temperatures & that was it.  I am certainly not complaining about this.  I am almost ALWAYS cold so I quite liked the above seasonal temperatures.  You may even remember me posting about hanging laundry out in January!

Last week Honey & I went south for a vacation.  Since it was not overly cold this year I guess you can say we were escaping the craziness of our everyday lives, not the cold of winter.  The day we came home it was somewhere around 18C & Honey was wearing his shorts, like he was still on vacation.  We worked in our yard doing all sorts of spring clean up things… on the 11th of March!  This entire week has been more of the same… temperatures hovering around 20C, bright sun… the smell of spring in the air. If the warm temperatures & sunny days aren’t sure indications of spring, the green in the grass, the buds in the trees & the tulips coming up in the garden certainly are.

Pictures Worth A Thousand Words?

Well, it’s highly unlikely that a few photos can make up for a month of not blogging… but I’m going to give it my best shot.  Since I’ve been slacking on the writing end of things, here are a few of my favourite photos from the last little while.

Luke, Papa & Jude

The Birds in the Yard

Nellie's Onion...

Story Time with Lily & Uncle C

No Pictures Please Auntie B!

February Full Moon

February Red Moon

A Glass in the Dark

A Sign of Spring?

Lily & Grandpa Blowing Out His Birthday Cake Candles


A Car Crash in Our Backyard….

Yesterday & today the wind has been crazy at our house.  Yesterday they were forecasting 90km winds…. that is strong enough to certainly blow me over if I am not careful!  While I am not sure we’ve actually reached 90km it has certainly been gusty.  Colin’s turbines would sure be spinning today!  This morning, we awoke to a car crash in our backyard….

Backyard Car Crash

Miss Lily’s car had been parked at the side of our house… apparently over night the wind got a hold of it & blew it across the yard!  Good thing for that tree… who knows where the car would have ended up without it!  LOL…. too funny!