Sparkler Magic

So, I’ve been a long time gone… I know.  May was busy…. & now it’s over.  How time flies.  May 24, Victoria Weekend, however, turned out to be pretty relaxing.  Yes, we had people over every day… Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday… family & friends but it was all good.  Sunday night was great fun due to fireworks & sparklers.  We had the whole gang of friends together & did the usual things that we do…  The girls chatted (about weddings & wedding dresses – there are two weddings this fall) & the guys were guys… they drank beer & acted like kids again.

My dear hubby has a supply of firecrackers… not sure where he gets them all but there is a steady supply it seems & when the boys get together (especially Colin, Jay & Gord) they like to set them off.  So, for May 24 (pronounced two-four, not twenty-four) someone decided (Colin, I think) that fireworks were a good idea…. & of course no one disagreed.  Well, around dusk the boys trotted off to the field behind our house to set up.  They did a great job of setting off the fireworks & in the midst decided they needed to do this again… so I guess we will have fireworks for Canada Day & I will have my camera ready.  I was not so prepared this last time & only managed to get my camera out for the sparklers the kids had after the fireworks…. I got some fun shots (I think!) so I’m really looking forward to the next fireworks.

And I know the guys will be ready….