Spring Has Sprung… Almost!

The first official day of spring is Tuesday…. but we have been experiencing spring like weather for close to a month now.  Or should I say that we’ve been experiencing spring like weather for most of the winter.  Winter… what is that?  Last year we had a terrible winter… the snow & the cold started in early November & carried on right through till the end of March.  There had not been that much snow in our area for years.

Fast forward a year to this winter… the winter that wasn’t.  I think it might have snowed about twice…. once at the end of January… even then, I bet we only got about 4 inches or so.  There might have been another dusting of snow in there somewhere along the way, but nothing that memorable!  And cold temperatures?  We haven’t had any… not really.  We had maybe a week of below freezing temperatures & that was it.  I am certainly not complaining about this.  I am almost ALWAYS cold so I quite liked the above seasonal temperatures.  You may even remember me posting about hanging laundry out in January!

Last week Honey & I went south for a vacation.  Since it was not overly cold this year I guess you can say we were escaping the craziness of our everyday lives, not the cold of winter.  The day we came home it was somewhere around 18C & Honey was wearing his shorts, like he was still on vacation.  We worked in our yard doing all sorts of spring clean up things… on the 11th of March!  This entire week has been more of the same… temperatures hovering around 20C, bright sun… the smell of spring in the air. If the warm temperatures & sunny days aren’t sure indications of spring, the green in the grass, the buds in the trees & the tulips coming up in the garden certainly are.

Hello Winter!

This morning when I woke up it was a winter wonderland outside!  It was beautiful & I was so excited to see the snow.  It is about time!  This was our first real snow of the season.  It snowed a little bit right after Christmas but it was gone the same day, which hardly counts in my books.  But this morning there was good cover on the ground & it snowed most of the day… in fact, I think it is still snowing now.  We probably got around 4 inches & it finally feels like winter.

Day 13 - Winter Wonderland

If it is supposed to be winter outside I would just as soon it be cold & snowy.  I am not totally into Mother Nature teasing me with all these warm temperatures & spring like weather.  It was quite warm (for January) earlier in the week (& last weekend – remember my laundry hanging on the line) & it almost smelled like spring out.  I don’t like that… I mean, I do, but not in January when I know there is still more of winter to come before we actually get spring.  So, I was happy this morning to see the white.  Honey, however, was not.  He does not like the snow… & he’s been wishing it would stop snowing all day!

One of the best things about the snowy weather this morning was that I didn’t have to go out in it…  I worked from home today which was great.  I sat at my desk sorting through paperwork, sipping coffee, & was curled up in my comfy clothes watching the snow fall.  It was a great way to start the day, I have to say.  The snowy day transitioned into one of those winter evenings that I love.  I just finished making carrot-sweet potato soup for tomorrow & chocolate banana cupcakes… as you can imagine, the house smells amazing.  The house is warm & the snow is sparkling outside.  Honey & I are getting ready to watch a movie & snuggle up on the couch… If we had a fireplace, we would definitely have it on.  I can think of nothing I would rather do on this snowy & chilly January evening.