Introduction to BS

So, I know what you are thinking… does the world really need another blog?  Does it need another blog about food, photography & everyday life?  Well, probably not.  But I am still going to write it.  I suppose that is the beauty of blogging…  I can write whatever I like & you can chose to read it… or not.  The decision is entirely up to you.

Until recently I never really thought much about blogging or followed too many.  My friend Vanessa has a wonderful blog, Pints and Teapots, which she actually writes too infrequently for my liking.  Before Ness got busy dreaming up ways to decorate her house she used to publish regularly on Fridays… her blog would be the best part of my day & something I always looked forward to.  Reading Pints and Teapots got me to thinking that maybe blogging is a really good creative outlet & that I should try it out.  Having said that, I am sure this will not be so eloquent as Nessa’s blog.  Although I’d like to think that I can write formally fairly well (seven years of university will do that to a person) this will not be formal.  In fact, intend it to be pretty laid back & written in the casual, rambling way I write emails.

I intend to share my favourite recipes & photos all while rambling on about life.  What you will find here is just a whole lot of BS….