The View From My Window….

When I first started this post I had it titled “Sure Signs That Spring Has Arrived” but now, after having multiple days of 30 degree weather, this title just doesn’t seem appropriate anymore!  I should have called it sure signs summer has arrived when it is only June 1st!  I am not complaining, however, as I love the heat & humidity.  I know not everyone shares my feelings on this but that’s alright…. I guess that is why air conditioning was invented.

Earlier in May we had some new neighbours move in… robin’s are always trying to build nests all over our yard.  Usually Colin pulls them down because the nests are in the worst spots, like behind our porch lights.  This year the robin was crafty & built her nest on our hose reel… right in front of the vent from the dryer (I guess the cool weather early on made her want to find a warm place for the nest).  She had the nest built & eggs laid before we hardly knew it was there!  The hose reel is located right outside our backdoor & for the next few weeks, every time we went out the door, the robin was sitting on her nest looking at us.  Sometimes, she would fly away as we opened the door & usually scare the crap out of us!

DSC_0394DSC_0392DSC_0400DSC_0507DSC_0509DSC_0537-2 Apart from the robins (who have now all flown the nest) I absolutely love our yard this time of year for all the wonderful things that are blooming….

DSC_0398DSC_0442DSC_0446DSC_0456DSC_0533DSC_0467DSC_0471DSC_0472DSC_0486DSC_0483It is amazing how quickly a yard can change… from the dull & dreary browns of winter to the vibrant colours of spring!  Stay tuned for more more views outside my window as spring turns into summer.