Everyone has at least one friend who means the world to them.  Mine is the most amazing person & most days I don’t know what I would do without her. We have been friends since 2005, although it feels like I have known her my entire life.  We met in grad school when we were both toiling our way through our Masters, both of us pursuing degrees in military history.  Would you believe there is another girl out there who likes tanks as much as I do (perhaps even more)?  Well there is… & her name is Vanessa, Nessa, or just Ness…


Vanessa is the kind of person that you can’t help but love.  She is sweet & smart & determined.  Ness has a heart of gold & would do anything for those she loves.  She’s gorgeous, classy & can pull off styles I would never be able to… she’s thrifty & creative &   an excellent listener .  She always knows exactly what to say or what not to say… or exactly what I need her to say! Ness has a great sense of humour & she makes me laugh when the Albert County in her sneaks out.  As friends go, we seem to balance each other out & are always the other person’s voice of reason.  Nessa is also a  fantastic writer (don’t let her tell you otherwise) & a complete inspiration to me in so many ways.  It is because of her that I even started rambling here.

Photo Courtesy of Symplicity Photography & Design

We were roommates briefly while in school & have spent countless hours together since plotting our futures.  We lived in the same apartment though not at the same time.  We have been silly, we have laughed & cried together, gone shopping & dancing, we’ve gone on road trips, had coffee, read each others work & drank far too much wine for our own good.  I told Ness once she wasn’t allowed to leave Ontario because I needed her too much (& then later went & left myself).  We have been through breakups together & found our true loves… We met our husbands at roughly the same time. Ness was the first of my friends to meet Colin while Colin & I were two of the first people to meet Paul.  Luckily, Ness approved of Honey & we approved of Pauly.  We were giddy with excitement when Ness got her “skating rink” & when Colin later proposed to me.  As all girls do, we dreamed of our wedding days together.  I was part of Nessa’s wedding & she was my maid of honour – I could not have done it without her by my side (or without all my girls for that matter!).

We have gone from pretending to play house to actually doing it…Colin & I bought our house before we got married…  Ness (& Paul) could not wait to visit us & she reiterated to me what Colin & I already felt, that our house completely suited us. Paul & Vanessa bought their house just recently & I can certainly say the same thing about Paul & Vanessa’s house, it suits them.  Apart from my house & my parents house, Vanessa’s house is somewhere that I feel completely at home.  Even before their house had any furniture & was still adorned with tacky wallpaper, it had Paul & Ness written all over it.  Now that Nessa has added her touch, however, it is just perfect.  From the second you walk in the door it is warm & inviting… There is no place I would rather be than at her kitchen table chatting & sharing a cup of tea with her.

And it was there that I found myself one Saturday in December, my camera in hand.  I was there to have a cup of tea & a piece of cake, but also to take photos of something special.  You see, Paul & Vanessa needed their house… there was just not room in their one bedroom apartment for a baby!  As I write this in fact, we are all patiently (or in my case impatiently) waiting for their little one to arrive… but that day in December, I was merely taking photos of Paul, Ness & their “expanding” family.

Agreeing to let me to take photos of her just shows you the kind of friend that Ness is.  I think she may have been initially hesitant to let me… I remember her saying something about how she  didn’t feel all that pretty or photogenic (which of course is in the eye of the beholder because she looked amazing as she always does).

Ness knew that I had just finished my photography course & wanted to practice taking people shots.  The photos I took with Paul & Ness was my second “photoshoot” if you can call it… I am by no means a professional photographer.  (The first “shoot” was with my brother & his family – photos to come at some point – which essentially meant chasing my niece around with my camera, something I do all the time – hardly a photoshoot!) With V & P it was essentially a ploy to visit my Nessa.

Paul, Ness & Baby Bump

Well, that is not entirely truthful… I did want to give Ness some classy photos of herself & her bump.  Not long before I made the suggestion of doing some photos she posted a photo of herself on FB & although it was alright (Paul, I am by no means criticizing your photography skills!), I wanted her to have a little more to remember her pregnancy by (beautiful baby aside of course!).

My Beautiful Friend

So there I arrived with my camera in hand & we got to work.  I had been thinking about this shoot long & hard & all the places in their house I thought we could do photos.  I have to say that there was a definite progression… in comfort level for both Ness & I, & in quality of photos.  It got to the point where I was just rambling away to Nessa (as I am doing now) & snapping photos.  We ended up with some good stuff, at least I think so… but I’ll let you be the judge.

One thing I know for certain, is that just as she is a great friend, Vanessa will also be a great mother.  This child will make his or her entrance into a loving, happy home with two wonderful parents… And I could not be happier for them!  The final photo is one of my favourites & one of Nessa’s as well…  in November, Ness made a post on her blog about time… & waiting for her little one to arrive…(

This picture, although we didn’t intend it, entirely sums it up… the waiting time is almost over… & time will reward my dear friend with a beautiful baby.  I love my Nessa dearly & will love her baby with all my heart as well…  I can’t wait for another little person to call me “Auntie B”…