If a Tree Falls in the Forest, Does it Make a Sound?

I’m not sure…. but when one falls in your front yard, my goodness is it loud!!!  Yesterday, we learned first hand just how much noise a tree can make when it falls.

One of the things that Colin & I love about our house is our driveway.  It is actually one of my favourite features of the outside of our house.  It is long & tree lined & well, just lovely.  In the summer there is this lush green canopy overhead, in the fall a golden yellow.

Every time it is windy, however, there are always a number of branches that fall out of the trees.  I hate this since stick picking has somehow become my job (though my hubby would tell you I do a terrible job of it!).  Colin is often worried too that a tree might fall & that it might fall on our house or a vehicle.  My Dad took one tree down last year that needed to go & we’ve talked about having the rest of them checked out but never gotten around to it.  I guess we need a little less talk & a lot more action!

We have had some pretty wild weather recently with all of this heat & humidity creating the perfect atmosphere for storms.  I am a big lover of storms & on a humid night there is nothing I love more than sitting on our porch watching it rain & lightning & listening to it thunder.  Well, Tuesday night I was doing just that.  It was around 6 o’clock & I was waiting for Colin & Cousin Paul to arrive home since they had Wednesday off for the 4th.  The sky was a sinister black & the wind had just started to pick up when they pulled in the driveway.  They jumped out of the truck & came to join me on the porch just as it started to rain.

Very quickly the storm was upon us & we were watching branches fall from the trees while trying to avoid the raindrops that were making their way onto the porch.  The thunder was booming & initially P & I didn’t realize the sound we were hearing was not actually thunder.  There was a loud cracking noise & then, before our eyes, a tree in our front yard was falling.  How often is it that one actually gets to watch a tree come down that is unplanned?  Hubby watched one come down in the backyard last year… but it was dead & we were cutting it down!  Not so with this one…

As the tree fell the wind changed directions, blowing directly towards our house (which almost never happens) & the rain chased us inside.  All of this within five minutes of P & C getting home!  What would I have done if, like most Tuesday nights, I was home by myself?  The tree covered the entire driveway & there was no getting out ( but they had cleared enough by Wednesday morning that I was able to get to work!)  The tree fell so hard there were even dents in the driveway where it landed.  On its way down, the first tree took out a second tree!  Never have I seen anything like this in my life…

Needless to say instead of having a day off on Wednesday my two lumberjacks worked hard to cut up the tree & clear the driveway!

And after they were finished we ended up with a lot more wood to burn….