Kale Chips

My unofficial new year’s resolution was to try cooking a little more healthy this year… now this isn’t to say that my family eats poorly, far from it.  And with needing to find sneaky ways of getting more veggies into Little Miss S, without even trying that hard, the whole family is eating better.  I say it’s my “unofficial resolution” because I didn’t decide this on January 1st.  I’ve just been trying a lot of new healthy recipes, many of which are meatless.  Maybe, though, it’s my way of justifying to my husband why he has eaten a number of meatless meals since the beginning of the new year.  Or perhaps all of this is the influence of Pinterest.

Yes, Pinterest.  About a month ago I finally joined the rest of the world & signed myself up for Pinterest.  It’s not like I didn’t know it existed… I did.  I just thought it was a huge time hog & would consume too much time I didn’t have.  Nothing has changed, I still don’t have a ton of time to spare, in fact, it’s even less now that I’ve really discovered Pinterest. I admit it, I’m hooked.  I have found so many great recipes on there (including the one for Kale Chips), am researching how to build my garden this year, have come across a number of creative ways to entertain my kids, discovered how to make a “restaurant kit” (I will write more on this later!) for my girls & so many other things.  I’ve used Pinterest a lot.

So, back to Kale Chips. IMG_3573 I had a bunch of kale in my fridge, likely because it looked good at the grocery store & I thought I should make something with kale.  A friend of mine had also mentioned making kale chips for her children & that they loved them.  So, I thought, why not?  I searched kale chips on Pinterest & here we are.  I have to say, I loved these kale chips…  Crunchy, salty, good for you… what more could you ask for?

This recipe is incredibly easy & does not take long at all to make.  All you need is a bunch of kale, some oil & some salt.  It will seem like you’re making a lot (I had four cookie sheets worth!) but the kale cooks down a lot.  Perhaps the most time consuming part of the whole thing is washing the kale, tearing it into “chip sized” pieces & drying the kale.  It is important for the “crunchiness” of the chips that the kale be good & dry… so take the time & don’t skip the salad spinner step!IMG_3557

Once you have your kale washed & dry, transfer to a large bowl giving you lots of room for mixing.  IMG_3559

The recipe I used suggested tossing the kale with two tablespoons of olive oil.  My friend Vanessa, who was the one who put the idea of kale chips in my head, told me she uses avocado oil for her kale chips.  I’ve started using avocado oil for a lot of things (since it has a higher smoke point) & used it for my kale chips too.IMG_3564 I used two tablespoons but found it was almost too much so next time I will probably use less.  After pouring the oil over the kale, massage it in with your fingers, making sure all of your kale pieces are well coated.

Next, lay out your kale pieces on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.  Parchment paper is one of my favourite things.  I use it with almost everything I cook in the oven.  It just makes clean up so much easier & I like the way food turns out when I’ve used parchment.  If you don’t use parchment, you need to try it – it will change your life!  The recipe stressed making sure there is no overlap of the chips, so I tried my best… perhaps why I ended up with four cookie sheets!IMG_3566

Next sprinkle your chips with salt & pepper (if you desire).  Since I was hoping my girls would eat these chips, I skipped the pepper this time.  Once salted, place your chips in the oven at 275F & bake for 18-20 minutes or until your chips are crispy.  IMG_3570Remove from the oven, cool & enjoy!  If you don’t eat them all in one shot (it is tempting since they are so tasty), store in an airtight container to ensure your chips are still crispy the next day.

I tried giving these kale chips to my girls thinking they might like the saltiness of them & thinking, perhaps foolishly, that this would be a really sneaky way of getting Miss S to eat some more veggies.  I think they liked them, but they honestly didn’t eat many because they were more interested in crumbling the chips into tiny little pieces.  But we shall try them again since I thought they were wonderful.  I actually have a bunch of kale in the fridge & plan on making these again this week, that’s how much I loved them.  Hopefully you find them as delicious as I did!

For the full Crispy Kale Chips recipe I found on Pinterest, see Culinary Hill Crispy Kale Chips.