Tooth Fairy Inflation

I would really like to know where the Tooth Fairy gets all her money!  Does anyone else ever wonder this?  I mean, she goes around taking teeth from under pillows & leaves money in exchange, but where does this money come from?  And what exactly does she do with all of these teeth?  Perhaps she sells them… to whom I am not sure, but how else does she come up with the money?  If she doesn’t, I’m not sure I ever want to pay her a visit as I am envisioning a giant mountain of teeth towering above her tiny cottage.

A few weekends ago we had our nephews come to stay & for the second time now, Luke lost a tooth at our house.  Apparently our house is a good luck charm for losing teeth…  so if you know anyone who desperately needs to lose a tooth, send them our way!  Luke lost the first one last year eating a grape (yes, a grape!). On the Friday night they came to stay, the latest tooth came out while brushing his teeth (I am just glad he didn’t swallow it!).  Younger brother Jude also had a loose tooth & once Luke’s tooth came out, Jude was hoping that his would as well & he too could get a visit from the Tooth Fairy!  (Unfortunately for Jude we only had one visit from the Tooth Fairy).

Luke & his lost tooth…

Luke explained to me that he had a little box (at home of course) that he put lost teeth in.  Since we didn’t have the box we had to improvise & ended up putting the tooth into a small envelope.  The boys were “camping out” in our basement & we couldn’t have the tooth getting lost down there, or worse yet, have the Tooth Fairy not be able to locate said tooth!  Luke thought it was an acceptable substitution (thank goodness as I’m not sure what else I would have come up with).  Off the boys went to bed with Luke’s tooth tucked carefully under his pillow.

No lost teeth yet but Jude still wanted in on the picture!

With the boys sound asleep I did a little Tooth Fairy research.  I needed to know the Tooth Fairy’s going rate… afterall, it’s been about 20 years since I lost my last tooth & since we have no kids of our own yet, the Tooth Fairy has not yet made regular visits to our house.  There had been the one visit last year for Luke’s other tooth but for the life of me I could not remember what the Tooth Fairy had left him!  After a little research (use your imagination here people) I determined that the Tooth Fairy’s going rate was three dollars!

Yes, that would be a Toonie & a Loonie – three bucks!  I couldn’t believe it.  I remember getting… a quarter, maybe?  Probably less even…but that was a long time ago..  But three bucks for one little tooth?  My goodness, the Tooth Fairy must be a millionaire….   If you think about it… that adds up quick.  Now, I know about inflation (I did take economics in university despite being terrible at math) & know that the price of EVERYTHING keeps going up but wow….  This, of course, left me wondering where the Tooth Fairy gets all her money?