As Luck Would Have It…

I have none at all… Yes, you heard me correctly… as luck would have it, I don’t have any. I’m serious.  I’ve had no luck for a number of years now but I’m thinking that it actually stems back to when I was in the fifth grade.  So, let me explain…

I have always been a little on the geeky side.  Some people, my own father included, have trouble seeing this side of me… but trust me, it’s there.  I’m just a nerd at heart & happy to admit that now.  (And my husband wonders why I relate to the Big Bang Theory so easily?!)  In any case, I was not exactly part of the popular crowd growing up… on the fringes perhaps, but not totally in it (which suited me just fine).  Back then, as is the case today, I had few friends but the friends I did have were good ones.  On the day my bad luck started, a day in early June if I recall, my friends were not anywhere to be found.  I can’t really remember now where they were but they weren’t with me.  So, I spent my lunch break sitting in a patch of clover in the school yard hunting for four leaf clovers.  They do exist I tell you… I know because I found one.   And would you believe, after all these years, I still have it?  (If you are thinking “my gosh she’s a pack-rat… well, you nailed it!).  I dried it, put it in a little gumball container & voila… four leaf clover.

Day 20 - Four Leaf Clover

I am now starting to think though that maybe it is time to get rid of this four leaf clover… maybe it is the reason I seem to have no luck at all.  Now, don’t go thinking too much into this statement because I’m not superstitious & never have been.  Those things just don’t bother me… I’m not worried about black cats or breaking mirrors & seven years of bad luck.  I even saw my husband on our wedding day before we got married & nothing bad happened (it was already storming & windy & raining, what else could be worse than that?)  But the way I see it there has to be a reason for my bad luck… so maybe it’s the four leaf clover.
Do you ever get stuck in that line in the supermarket, which looks like the shortest but is actually the longest… because the person checking out in front of you has one problem or another?  Well, that happens to me… EVERY time.  It happens to Colin as well… in fact, we seem to be equally matched in our bad luck.  Ever go to a casino telling yourself you are only going to spend $20 no matter how quickly it goes?  I am done in 2 minutes flat.  All gone… no luck!
Now, I mentioned that my husband & I are often equally matched in our bad luck… well, this is especially true when it comes to our house.  The house itself is fantastic… we love it & it couldn’t be more perfect for us.  I will even admit that it actually was quite GOOD luck that we found it & thus far we have not had any problems with the house.  The bad luck we seem to have is when we try to do upgrades.
Last February we purchased a new dining table & a new bedroom suite for one of our guestrooms from a big box furniture store.  The furniture was all to be delivered to our house, which was fantastic as Colin was working out of town & I was not about to try to tackle moving in all this new furniture on my own.  We both think: great!  This is going to work out quite well (there is no sarcasm here yet… I am being serious).  Fast forward a couple of weeks… furniture company calls to say they will deliver the bed.  Okay, good… Well, they bring it but don’t set half of it up.  Colin had to put all the hardware on the dresser & night stands & my father-in-law had to mount the headboard on the mattress… these are all things that should have been completed upon delivery.  So, the first delivery didn’t exactly go how it should have, but surely the table delivery would go better.
Surely not.  Not only did the chairs arrive in boxes (requiring a lot of assembly we were never told about) but the tabletop came with a nick in it.  If the table had been used or we had already owned it for a number of years & it got a nick I would have shrugged my shoulders (that’s life)…  I would have found one of those wood markers meant for covering nicks & scratches.  But our table wasn’t old or used… it was brand new & we had paid good money for it to come in excellent condition.  Who would have thought a table nick would bring a girl to tears but it almost did… there I was with no chairs to sit on, a table with a nick in it & a husband 600 miles away.  Now, I will give the sales guy credit… after Colin called him to express his displeasure, the sales guy did volunteer to come to our house to set up the chairs for me since he had neglected to tell us they required assembly (& since Colin was going to be away yet for a number of days).  As it turned out, Colin got home sooner than expected & assembled the chairs himself but I give the guy credit for volunteering to come out on his own time in order to try to make us happy.  About 4 weeks later the new tabletop arrived, this time thankfully, without any nicks or scratches!
Fast forward to July.  We decide we are going to replace the eves (for my American friends out there read: gutters) & soffit on our house.  My husband is very thorough when it comes to researching projects around our house & this was no exception.  Colin got a number of quotes & asked a number of people who the best contractor would be.  We finally decided on a local contractor & even had the estimator come out to our house a second time so we could discuss the project with him.  We wanted to be sure we were all on the same page.  When he left that day, we thought we were good… but apparently we were not.  I am not going to get into all the details here as I could be rambling for days.  I will make a long story short.  What should have been a three or four day job turned into almost three weeks.  What should have been easy… was not.  I cannot tell you how depressing it was to come home day after day to see that no work had been completed when I was told it would be… or other days to discover that the work that had been done was done wrong.  Perhaps the worst part, however, was having to continually tell my husband (still 600 miles away) that things were not progressing as they should be.  It was not until the owner of the company got involved & he made several trips to our house did things finally get sorted out.  Now that it’s finished, we think it looks awesome & we’re pleased but it was a long time coming.
Which brings us to Thursday… bad luck with yet another thing for the house… we have been working away at finishing our basement (in addition to now working on our ensuite) & we were supposed to have carpet installed.  We should have known when the installer showed up late… that should have been a sign that the day wasn’t going to go well… but apparently I missed that.  Needless to say about four hours & a hundred phone calls later (not literally but it sure felt like it) I still had no carpet.  Once again, Colin was not home (one of the drawbacks of working on the road) but I was on the phone with him as soon as the installer told me we had an issue.

Day 19 - Our Hallway with No Carpet

Colin is much better at dealing with issues like this than I am so he was on the home to the big box store right away.  It would seem that our carpet was either measured wrong or ordered wrong, but the end result was still the same… it would not fit.  The matter was complicated by the fact that we ordered patterned carpet, which is slightly harder to install in order to match the pattern.  If the installer had tried to make the carpet work, we would have ended up with 7 seams in the three rooms downstairs instead of only 3 seams in total… & there still would not have been enough carpet!
We still are not sure why it took four hours to get things straightened around & for the installer to finally leave with the wrong carpet.  What I do know, however, it was very frustrating & a complete waste of my time.  Since Thursday, we have met with the manager of the store & he as agreed to discount the carpet for us… how much is yet to be determined.  The new carpet should be ordered today (hopefully right this time) & if we’re lucky, it will be installed in a couple of weeks.  I am pleased with the carpet we chose & from the preview on Thursday, I know it will look fantastic when all is said & done.  But we play the waiting game yet again…
I am beginning to think, however, that perhaps it is not actually bad luck we are plagued by but just bad customer service!  Having said that, it still might be time to get rid of that four leaf clover…