Let’s Go Exploring…. Upper Canada Village

Back at the beginning of July I went to visit my brother & his family one weekend.  On Saturday we went for a road trip to a little place not far from them… a little place called Upper Canada Village.  But to call the village “little” is certainly an understatement… it is a VERY BIG village.   Much bigger than either my brother or I thought it would be.  The Upper Canada Village gives visitors a glimpse of what life in Upper Canada in the 1860s & it really is like a step back in time.  Everyone who works there is “in character” & wants to tell you about their way of life.  One can roam the streets stopping by the post office, the general store, the saw mill, the baker, the cheese factory, the tavern, the list goes on & on.  If you grow weary of walking you can take a horse drawn carriage ride through the village or take a boat ride up the canal.  There is even a train ride that takes visitors past the army camps of the War of 1812.  There really is something for everyone… & since I am the history buff in the family, I thought Upper Canada Village was fantastic (not least because I got to spend the day with my favourite little girl)!

Map of Upper Canada Village courtesy of Upper Canada Village website (uppercanadavillage.com)

Every building in the village came from the surrounding area but each one had been painstakingly disassembled, moved to “Upper Canada Village” & reassembled.  When you see the village it really is quite amazing.  I wish I could tell provide more detail about individual aspects of the village & certain buildings that were my favourite but please keep in mind our tour guide was my 3 year old niece!  For more info on the village check out: http://www.uppercanadavillage.com/index.cfm/en/about-the-village/all-about-the-village/

One can also learn a little Canadian military history while at Upper Canada Village as it is also the site of the Battle of Crysler’s Farm in the War of 1812.  Although my focus is more on the First & Second World Wars, I thought this was really cool.  We didn’t spend much time on the Battle of Crysler’s Farm (the rest of my family does not like military history quite as much as I do) but it is apparently fairly significant part of Canadian history (who knew?).  From my research I learned the at the Battle of Crysler Farm in 1813 marked the end of attempts to invade Canada up to that point.  For more on the Battle of Crysler’s Farm check out:  http://www.cryslersfarm.com/battle.htm

Since I can’t actually tell you too many details let me show you!  Come take a tour of Upper Canada Village with us…

A canon as soon as we arrived!  How happy was I??   Brad even stopped the van for me so I could take a picture!  Thank you for indulging the geek in me!

Mommy & Miss Lily waiting outside the Flour Mill for Auntie B & Daddy who were apparently being slow pokes!

The view from inside the Flour Mill…

Around the back of the Flour Mill… so peaceful…

On the way to the Saw Mill…

Lily & some fresh saw dust… it smelled so good!

Inside the Saw Mill… waiting to be turned into boards…

Random wood house….

Inside the Bakery… fresh bread that was just baked.  They sell this bread onsite & serve it in the restaurant…. It smelled amazing!

The baker sweeping up…. check out the fire & all the bread pans in the background….

One of the cemeteries…. some find it morbid that I like cemeteries so much but there is so much history here… & so much to learn… & one of the most peaceful places…

The Cheese Factory…

The crazy cheesemaker with fresh cheese curds….

The School House… boys on one side, girls on the other….

Day dreaming & looking out the window instead of doing my school work!

Lily showing the teacher how well she can print her name…

So proud…

Receiving a Merit Point for good Penmanship…

Excited to see the baby pig but OH HOW IT SMELLS in here!

Getting to pet the cow….

This is cool… he’s so soft…

Here comes the barge for our boat ride up the canal… the horse pulled the boat along… very neat!

Okay Auntie B, you can take my photo now!  This was the only time I was actually “allowed” to take her photo… but she’s hot & tired & thus the fake smile….

The lighthouse…. one of my favourite pictures of the whole day!

Memorial to the Battle of Crysler’s Farm…. from a distance…

Upper Canada Village is an amazing place to visit & I would highly recommend it.  I’d like to go back sometime & spend even more time there actually learning about everything.  If you ever find yourself in Eastern Ontario do check out Upper Canada Village!

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