Jamaica Mon

Secrets Wild Orchid, Montego Bay – the destination of our winter getaway to Jamaica.  Honey & I had not been on a real vacation in almost two years… sure, we went to Niagara Falls for two days following our wedding (read: honeymoon) & yes, there was St. Louis in November (pictures still to come) but they weren’t proper vacations in my mind.  But Jamaica was!  There were no cell phones & no computers… no email (at least not on my part… Colin did check his a few times) & no timelines or things needing to be done.  There was, however, plenty of Red Stripe & sunshine, warm temperatures, reading, good food & relaxing.  For six days we were in paradise.   A paradise where speed bumps are called “sleeping police” & KFC actually stands for “Keep me From Cookin'” or so we were told on our ride in from the airport!

Neither one of us had ever been to Jamaica before but it seemed to be the place to go this year as we both knew a number of people who were also traveling to Jamaica.  I did a lot of research into vacation destinations & Jamaica seemed to be the best fit for us.  There were many different options in terms of resorts but Secrets offered the type of vacation we were looking for & we were not disappointed.  The resort was fantastic & we would recommend it in a heartbeat.  In fact, within hours of arriving we had decided we would definitely have to come back!  Secrets Wild Orchid & its neighbouring resort St. James offered great all-inclusive luxury (http://www.secretsresorts.com/wildorchid/index.asp).  We were always greeted with a smile & all of the resort staff were extremely friendly.  We had a lovely room with a view of the water.  Our room was centrally located to the pool, the beach & many of the different dining options.  From our balcony we could see what was happening in many different parts of the resort.  It was great for people watching – a pastime Colin & I both enjoy.

Our days were leisurely – sleeping in, going for breakfast & sipping our Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee, relaxing by the pool or the beach, reading for hours, tasting jerk chicken on the beach, watching the planes fly by, walking about the resort & trying out the different restaurants in the evenings.  One of the really nice things about Secrets is that no reservations are required for dinner.  I’m sure many of you have been to one of those all inclusive resorts where you must make reservations for every dinner & that often there are is no availability.  There were about eight different restaurants on the resort & it was nice to be able to choose whichever we felt like at the spur of the moment. The food was excellent & perhaps the best part was that it agreed with Colin’s stomach!

We only ventured off the resort twice… once for a sunset catamaran cruise & the other on a little shopping excursion into town.  The sunset cruise was interesting…. the beach where we caught the cruise was a little sketchy & at first we wondered what we had gotten ourselves into.  Everything turned out though & we probably saw the nicest sunset of the entire week while on the cruise (see photos below) as well as a great view of the full moon rising.  It was a beautiful evening & we spent much time trying to determine how many people on the boat actually thought we were “sailing”.  The crew made a big production of setting the sail once we were a little ways out but then they tied it off… & we ran on the motors for the entire time.  We thought it was rather funny & figured there were probably many people on board who didn’t know the difference!  Despite the fact we weren’t really sailing it was a great time & we were certainly glad we went.

The day before we left we took a small shopping trip into town with a couple we had met from Maine.  The couple had been on our flight down, on the shuttle to the resort & we’d seem them around the resort from time to time & chatted.  Colin & I took to calling them our “friends” simply because we didn’t know their names!!  It wasn’t until we actually went on our shopping trip that the four of us finally introduced ourselves.  Our shopping trip ended with lunch at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Restaurant.

That in a nutshell was our vacation.  There really is not much to write when you spend the majority of time doing nothing!  I did take a ton of photos, however, so I will let my photos do the talking!

4 thoughts on “Jamaica Mon

    • I don’t really have any fantastic ones. One of a tomato salad but nothing that was so “wow” that I had to take a picture of it. And it was usually dark by the time we were eating dinner!

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