The Creepy Clown

Warning!  If you aren’t a fan of clowns, you may not want to read this (or at least look at the photos)!!!  The photo of the day for January 6th is the creepy clown.  Personally, I hate this thing… with a passion!  It creeps me out.  But every time I try to move him, he just keeps reappearing… I think I should actually name him Houdini because he reappears as if by magic.  Like most things in our house, there is a story…

January 6, 2012

Day 6 - The Creepy Clown

Like the rest of his “treasures” Colin found the creepy clown somewhere in the US in an antique store.  The clown is actually an old school piggy bank.  You place a coin in the palm of his outstretched hand & there is a little lever behind his arm that when pressed, activates his arm causing the coin to slide into his mouth.  In theory, the bank is pretty cool… in actuality, it’s creepy as hell.  I think the creepiest part is probably the fact that when he swallows the coin, his eyes roll back into his head!  I hate it but despite this, the clown currently resides on our bookshelf, in amongst my tanks.  I have tried removing him to the garage where I wouldn’t have to have his creepy eyes staring at me but like the cat, he just keeps coming back.  I have finally given up… Creepy Clown – 1, Brandey – 0.

I bet you are wondering though why the creepy clown was my subject for today when I hate him so much?  Well, I was testing out my new lens.  Colin got me a 50mm portrait lens for Christmas & today was the first day that I actually had enough time to try it out.  I have to admit that already I love it!  The clown was a good fit as I could get right in his face & practice with the lens without him becoming too self conscious!  And on that note, just in case you couldn’t quite feel his creepiness from the first picture….

His Creepiness


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