The Rush of the Season…

I love Christmas.  It is probably my second favourite time of year (fall is my first… & I meant to post about fall as well but fall was over before I knew it).  Normally, I love everything about Christmas & usually find completing all Christmas related activities relaxing & quite enjoyable.  I am a bit crazy, I know.  I love to decorate the tree while listening to Christmas music & drinking eggnog.  I even had the “yuletide fireplace” burning this year while I decorated our tree.  I like to bake & make all kinds of Christmas goodies.  Even shopping for presents I enjoy… I am a big proponent of trying to by unique gifts for people & usually do a fairly good job (I think!) of finding “wow” gifts.

Christmas Table Decorations

This year, however, I must admit that Christmas started to get the better of me & I was feeling the stress of getting everything done in time.  It seems this fall / winter (I know it’s not technically winter yet but it doesn’t really feel like fall anymore either) I have been exceptionally busy.  Last year, following our wedding I was off between September & December & at the time I thought I had wasted away a lot of my time, doing arbitrary things, like reading far too much.  I realize now though that I actually accomplished a lot.  By the beginning of December last year I had hand made all of my Christmas cards & gotten them all in the mail.  I had baked four or five different types of Christmas cookies.  I had most of the shopping & wrapping finished & the house decorated.

Tree Ornament

Fast forward to this year.  Christmas – 1, Brandey – 0.  By December 1st this year I had accomplished next to nothing.  The cards were store bought & not addressed or mailed.  I had done no baking & had barely wrapped any of our presents.  The wrapping had yet to be completed because I had barely bought any of the presents.  I had a particularly hard time this year coming up with ideas for people & must admit that I don’t really have any “wow” gifts.  My favourite gift is one for my niece, but it’s something that I’ve done before, so I feel as though the “wow factor” is probably wearing off.  Time had certainly gotten away from me.  Just last week I was lamenting to my hubby about how I had no time & couldn’t see how I was going to get everything done.  Christmas was definitely kicking my butt & instead of being an enjoyable time of year as it usually is for me, I was stressed right out.  I now understand why so many people get stressed out about the holidays. Seeesh.

That said, what a difference a couple weeks can make.  I am back to enjoying
Christmas.  With only two days till Christmas, everything has been checked off the list.  Although store bought, I got all the cards mailed out by the middle of December.  Last Friday night & Saturday morning I managed to get some baking completed (see Whipped Shortbread Post from December 16).  In addition to the shortbread, I also made Buckeyes (a peanut butter & chocolate concoction)  & some gingerbread cookies.  All of the presents are wrapped & bagged for transport to various Christmas gatherings & we have the first family Christmas successfully under our belt.  Honey is home for the holidays now too, which helps immensely in the stress department!  Almost time to sit back, sip a glass of eggnog & watch the lights on the tree sparkle.  Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas Lights


1 thought on “The Rush of the Season…

  1. I must admit the “WoW” presents are being in the company of loved ones..So Brandey thank you for giving the best present of all, that was hosting our family gathering. What a wonderful get together it was. 🙂 The eggnog came close however the Buckeyes were amazing! Merry Christmas to you and Colin! Bring on the snow! 🙂

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